Ride Galway, N.Y. 

Join our club! Galway residency not required.

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Your generous support offsets the cost of maintaining our trail including but not limited to: Bridges, signage, safety equipment, trail work equipment and grooming machine fuel –along with the cost of maintaining our existing equipment. and our insurance premiums.


Galway Trailmasters Snowmobile Club business sponsor benefits:

  • Full club membership and New York State registration vouchers

  • 24” x 14” sign displayed on the Galway Trailmasters entrance archways

  • Listing & link on the sponsor page of our website

If you are interested in sponsoring the club, call (518) 694-1437 for more information or download the sponsor form below.


New and seasoned members alike are encouraged to participate at meetings and on trail and grooming work. Volunteers for trail work are necessary and always appreciated.


MONTHLY MEETINGS start at 7:30 p.m. (See Twitter feed for upcoming dates & locations)


Sign boards: These boards will display the trail map, your location on the trail and the mileage to various destinations.  There has been a third map placed on the warming hut near Old Mill Road.  


Carry-in/Carry-out: Do Not Litter.


The Galway Trailmasters' trail system extends from just north of the intersection of NYS Routes 67 and 147 in Galway where we connect with the Charlton Trails and goes on to Lake Desolation where we connect with the Mulleyville Trails. 


This important link between Charlton and the Great Sacandaga Lake is maintained and groomed by our very own active volunteer membership! 


It is hard to believe how many hours it takes to get this work accomplished.  THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS – members and non-members – who have spent countless hours working in the woods! Every snowmobile that goes over this trail will appreciate the effort these volunteers made when they ride.


We thank our landowners who allow us to do this work and use their land for the trail.

The Galway Trailmasters are proud members of the New York State Snowmobile Association.


Several of our business sponsors have requested that snowmobiles be parked in specific areas to allow adequate parking for passenger vehicles.

  • Tinney's- Across the street on the lake

  • Cock N Bull- Where the trail exits the rear of the parking lot will be a snowmobile parking area

  • *Village Pizzeria- In the rear of the building along the trail or across the street in the parking area


The trail has been re-routed behind the Village Pizzeria. The new entrance to the trail is 100 ft. past the old entrance. There is a parking area behind the Pizzeria as you enter the trail off of Benzal road. A second snowmobile parking area is located on the opposite side of Benzal road from the Pizzeria behind the white house.


Vehicles with trailers may be parked behind Chuck's Store and the parking lot off of Benzal road by the Village Pizzeria.


These are the only club designated parking areas. Please help the club maintain our relationship with our business sponsors by following their requests.


Help keep our trails safe and looking sharp.

If you are planning on doing some trail work, please download the time sheet below so the club can get reimbursed for your time by New York State.


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